About InWeOn

Inweon is a top-notch, innovative, technology product company working in the computer vision domain. We solve real world problems, automate redundant tasks, provide intelligent analysis, mitigate chances of human error, make your life better using image processing algorithms and techniques. We have a highly competent team of researchers and engineers working on the state of the art technologies in the agricultural, consumer and industrial automation sector. Our flagship GRAMS system is a revolutionary, state of the art grain analysis system specifically designed for the rice mill owners and rice exporters. The system is highly accurate in measuring length of rice particles, very easy to use, saves lot of time and mitigates chances of human error.

Our vision is to provide innovative solutions and products with impeccable design and easy to use to solve real world problems of industry, retail and automation.

Our Story

The journey started in a rice mill when we observed that average length of rice samples with a few hundred particles was being measured using vernier calipers.

The sheer monotonic, error prone and time consuming approach of the process led our team to invest on an innovative product that would calculate all parameters of rice samples accurately in a blink.