Disrupting the rice analysis and quality control process

March 23, 2018
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March 23, 2018 admin

In the age of seamless automation, intelligent robots and internet of things, rice industry has a lot to catch up. To ensure high grade quality Basmati rice, a lot of emphasis has to be put on the quality control processes adopted while milling. To achieve proper length and whiteness of rice at final output, measurements should be taken at all intermediate levels. Doing this guarantees faster response and tuning of machines and helps cut losses for the miller.

GRAMS – Rice Analyzer System – from InWeOn Technologies Pvt Ltd. is the most accurate, easiest and fastest way to measure key shape and color parameters of a rice sample.

InWeOn is an Indian company with world class engineers working relentlessly towards a single goal – to make international quality products in India for the rice and grain industry. The journey started three years back when a friendly visit to a rice mill revealed that average length of a rice in measured manually. Thinking that any manual process is non-repeatable , prone to human error and can give different results at different instances. InWeOn started to design a product to solve this problem. The indian millers responded favorably to the revolutionary and disruptive product and quality and increase profit margins.

With the constant pursuit to improve, alond with hard work and efforts of on-ground sales and support team and blessings of happy customers, GRAMS is selling across India with active sales and support partners in whole of north India within a year of launch. With thousands of readings being taken everyday on GRAMS without a glitch, InWeOn is becoming a better brand everyday.

InWeOn further plans to provide innovative solutions for the dal milling industry, along with leveraging its footprint and reputation in the rice industry. InWeOn also aspires to serve the customers in rice milling and trading outside India by forming new partnerships and support structures.


Akshat Mittal

Founder – INWEON