99% accuracy of Whitneness Index

99.9% accuracy of Length, Width, L/B ratio

Broken grain measurement by weight

Damaged / Discolored grain measurement by weight

Customizable thresholds for different rice varieties

Different profiles saving for different varieties

Save records on xls for future reference

Parameters --

  • Whiteness Index
  • Average Length
  • Average Width
  • L / B Ratio
  • Average Red, Green, Blue
  • Broken Grains
  • Chalky Grains
  • Yellow Grains
  • Green Grains
  • Red Grains
  • Damaged Grains
  • Immature Grains

Per Grain Values --

  • Length
  • Width
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Broken
  • Chalky Area Ratio
  • Yellow Area Ratio
  • Black Area Ratio
  • RG Area Ratio
  • R,G,B components

Step 1 - Image

Step 2 - Readings

Step 3 - Analyze

Major Advantages for Rice Miller

Reliable, repeatable, scientific and faster method

Increase yield by online control of the milling process

Save lakhs of rupees by avoiding over milling and under milling

Keep quality under your control

Peace of mind, no loss of revenue, no scope of cheating

Bring latest technology to your factory